My First Day At A Co-working Space

It was tough to make the switch from working at home to working in a co working space. I was not quite sure what to expect and I felt a little lost on my first day. Now all I had to do is tackle the first day. First days anywhere can be intimidating and it give that uneasy feeling. I finally took the plunge to work from a co working space.

So,let me take you to this amazing ride at WorkEasy co working space and let you decide if it is or not!

So, finally my nervousness was at its end as soon as I entered the co working space by seeing the infrastructure they had created. Looking at such beautiful ambience I was super excited to look around the space and explore more about it. I, as a freelancer in Graphic Designing wanted to make sure that I get my own space where I could be relaxed. co-working space

Just after that I was assisted by the Community Manager of the co working space who helped me in exploring the space. Woah! Not only Dedicated Desks Or Private Cabins but also a Conference Room, Cafeteria, Gaming Zone, Pantry and more. The Community Manager made me feel comfortable and welcomed well. Though I already had a look at the company's website, the practical presence made it ten more times worth it. 

As they have various varities of workspace area, I contracted with a Private Cabin which has a beautiful interior to suit every work category. The team had welcomed me with a beautiful celebration and also had decorated with few balloons. While I started with my work, the in-house cook served me a cup of coffee, and to be honest it was so refreshing. Since my other business partners also joined me in the cabin, I had to attend attend a Video Conference Meeting which made it difficult for me to decide a space. I asked the Community Manager if I could utilise some other space area and she had an instant solution for it. The 'Phone Booth' she said, and woah! It was the best solution to be made. Again I was so impressed by choosing for a co working space.greenspace at co-working space

Few hours later of working, I wanted to just roam around the premise and take a chill. Meanwhile, I heard a group of coworkers gossiping and just thought of joining the conversation. And guess what, Not only did we shared knowledge professionally but I made them as my new friends as well. We had so much fun together and ordered our McDonald's meal together as it was just next to our office building. I was very happy with the environment and management by the co working space. WorkEasy is definitely the space one must think about! It was almost evening and I didn't even realise how the time went. Me and my team were discussing regarding our next project and wanted to check how we would present it to our client. We knew about the Conference Room which has a 4K Smart TV which was really helpful to us. 

The Best Co working Space In Rajkot! Thank you for a great first experience at WorkEasy coworking space, and to allow me share my thoughts and experiences. 


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