Coworking Space In Rajkot - 11 Awesome Things About WorkEasy

Since WorkEasy Coworking Space boasts a number of clients we ensure that the place is well-equipped and maintained which helps us in keeping the reputation of our space intact and let our coworkers have a much better experience.Get to know about the 11 awesome amenities that are provided by WorkEasy Coworking Space In Rajkot.


WorkEasy Coworking Space Location

Situated at the Kalawad Road, specially known as the Heart of Rajkot City. Freelancers often struggle with having a physical address to showcase their projects to prospective clients. Here is when all the freelancers have got our back by providing the coworking space at a city center, making commuting easy and better for all the new start-ups, companies and entrepreneurs.


Ambience At WorkEasy Coworking Space

Work ambience plays an important part in a coworking space which makes people more comfortable, therefore the more comfortable the environment, the better the work quality. The workspace covers 3200 sq.ft with different work areas at your own comfortness. Providing our coworkers high-quality furnishing, proper lighting, MNC like air-conditioned premises, common areas, pantry areas, high-speed internet, and Wi-Fi/tea/coffee/water etc.


There is nothing more important than networking for businesses in today’s society; regardless of the sector you’re in, whether you are a part of a giant corporation or a freelancer who works from home,getting yourself out there is imperative to a thriving and successful business. Enter coworking space in Rajkot, the new way to network that allows you to improve your business in an engaging,exciting and inspirational environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. Welcoming all Start-ups, Freelancers, Corporate Companies, Traditional Businesses and more.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you already know that every penny makes a difference. Thus, WorkEasy facilities are a logical solution for many startups or small-to-medium enterprises. Instead of fronting the bill for a bunch of new office chairs, you can join our coworking space without worrying about having adequate office furniture. Coworking saves you from all this trouble, as you will only pay the monthly fee for space.


An engaging Community Manager that will integrate their own interests and hobbies into discussions with members to initiate community-building. Also taking the responsibility for managing, improving, and leveraging relationships within a coworking space. We look forward to our Community manager having certain qualities where they bring up their skills, authenticity, curiosity and enthusiasm towards our clients and company.Making sure that our prospective members feel comfortable and welcome-whether it’s an event idea, issue or suggestion,they have been heard.


Varieties Of Workspaces At WorkEasy Coworking Space

More than anything, coworking spaces are designed to provide a secure, convenient space from which to operate without the frustrations and distractions of working from home or at the local coffee shop offering the best of both professional services and setups and total flexibility and accessibility. We have broadly categorized our work areas with Dedicated Desks, 3 Seat Private Chambers, 4 Seat private Chambers, 16 Seat Private Chambers, Conference Room, Content Wall and Green Space.


WorkEasy is well-equipped with superfast broadband to benefit our customers as it is one of the key factors where mobility within a workspace is now commonplace because members no longer stay sat at a single desk, therefore making it easier for coworkers to have a wireless connection. Providing connection with GTPL and Ishan broadbands in order to serve our coworkers in the best possible ways.


Unlike regular offices, you need not worry about furnishing the space, getting it painted or appointing the staff. We provide plug & play services where you just need to plug in your laptops and get to work. With this facility, administrative support like electricity, office maintenance, high speed internet or investing in coffee machines, printers, telephones etc are not something you need to worry about and can be used whenever you need.


To keep our coworkers fit and healthy we ensure that our office space has enough mineral hot/chilled water. We also provide healthy munching options to our coworkers which are made by our In-house staff. Let’s know what all is available in our pantry areas:

- Enough supply of mineral water

- Microwave

- Refrigerator

- Crockeries like plates, bowls, cups, spoons etc.

 - Tea/Coffee

- Poha, upma, Maggi etc.


Why carry? WorkEasy has private lockers for every coworker at the premise itself. Most of the employees rely on lots of different gadgets to get them through their day - from tablets and laptops to work phones, headsets and other pieces of work equipment. To ease our coworkers we have private lockers for both Cabins and Dedicated Desks.


In order to secure our premises against unauthorized access we have CCTV facilities around the premises. We believe that not only physical security is required for our individual coworkers but the need of CCTV surveillance is equally important.


Green Space Area At WorkEasy Coworking Space

Whether physical or mental, employee well-being has never been more significant than at this moment as companies and employees are transitioning back from remote work. At WorkEasy we aim to provide coworkers with an area appropriate to fuel their brains. Open space where natural light and improved ventilation is signified as hallmarks of a shared workspace that promotes a healthy work environment.


An initiative for coworkers to attend their Online Meetings and Private Calls at convenient space areas. We understand how important client calls may be for coworkers and keeping this in mind phone booths are made completely complementary for our coworkers.


With Cost Saving it is important to have flexible plans for coworkers. We divide our workspace area jhdhhjbjhjvj into two variants that are Dedicated Desks and Private Chambers. Dedicated Desks includes Daily Packages, Weekly Packages and Monthly Packages whereas Cabins starts with Monthly Packages and above.


Parking Space is an important commodity that is taken into consideration for our Co-workers. Providing spacious parking for two wheelers and four wheelers both.

We hope you enjoyed the latest blog post at WorkEasy. As a team, we want to be able to share everything we do with our clients, coworkers, and community. If you would like to learn more about our coworking space, please feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to show you around!




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