Our Mission


Our Mission

Ever since the inception of WorkEasy, one thing that we have constantly believed in is that what we are selling is not merely a space or a service. It is a revolution. A revolution in the way work is done. We were well aware that the transition was not going to happen overnight, however the pros of an attempt to make Rajkot a coworking friendly city most certainly outweigh the negatives.

Apart from seizing the initial mover advantage, what drove us towards choosing this business from an ocean of others is that coworking gives birth to communities that thrive by giving their members the chance to interact, collaborate and support one another. As a group of entrepreneurs, we were thrilled to learn that we stand a chance to help transform our city into a better place to work and Iive, by creating an environment that improves the work-life balance of citizens through offering flexible services that allow them to focus on their work, with excellent work environment. Our communities are open and they welcome new members readily.

Our target communities comprise a broad array of members with equal or an even broader range of backgrounds and interests. From established businesses to start-ups, freelancers, contractors, authors, artists and more our target members represent just about every industry and interest imaginable.

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